7 Must Avoid Mistakes During NEET Preparation

This article will give you the idea of some common and must avoid mistakes during NEET preparation which every NEET student must avoid. No doubt, NEET is a prestigious and tough entrance exam test to crack. It is the direct roadway for an ambitious career as a doctor. Most aspirants are of the opinion that only students with an excellent academic record can crack NEET, but that is not the case. Anyone with a solid strategy, relentless commitment and smart work can beat the exam.

Must Avoid Mistakes During NEET Preparation

Must avoid mistakes during NEET preparation


Focusing only on one subject

NEET students are more likely to be interested in biology. They may not be as interested in physics and chemistry as they are in biology, but these subjects are an indispensable part of NEET exam. You must not make this mistake of focusing only on biology while ignoring physics and chemistry during NEET preparation. Although biology can help you crack the NEET, you got to remember that the Physics and Chemistry sections determine your rank and ultimately which university you might end up in. So give equal attention to all subjects because all of them are equally important.

Rote learning

You can clear this exam only if you have a solid understanding of basic concepts. Memorizing facts is not the best way to learn, and rote learning will not help you do well in college or in life.

You are as strong as your foundation!

It is important to understand the concepts, so that you can apply them to new situations. For example, if you are memorizing the periodic table and you don’t know the meaning of the symbols on the periodic table, then you will be memorizing it without understanding it.

Ignoring NCERT books

Most students rely entirely on other authors’ books ignoring NCERT, which is a must avoid mistake during NEET preparation. Don’t get me wrong, you must read these books too, but finishing NCERTs should be your top priority. NCERT books will enhance your conceptual knowledge which will help you during exam.

Reading unnecessary books

While preparing for NEET, some aspirants begin to study from many books that are irrelevant. Reading any that comes in front of you will not help. You must be selective while choosing your study material.

Disrespecting negative marking

You cannot underestimate the damage that can be caused by negative marking. Try not to fill up the entire OMR sheet just because you want. Remember a difference of 1 mark can lower your rank by a hundred number or even more.

Social media

Social media is a huge time-sink and can be a distraction when you are trying to study. It’s easy to get hooked on social media, but it is important to avoid it because it can take up a lot of your time. If you are struggling with social media and trying to study, try closing your browser or switching off your phone for a few hours. It will allow you to focus on your work and not the social media world. Overuse of social media is a must avoid mistake during NEET preparation as well as other competitive exams.

Not taking mock tests

Not taking mock tests is a must avoid mistake during NEET preparation as well as any other exam. Taking mock tests will give you a solid idea about the type of questions that are asked in the NEET exam. Try solving previous year question papers. You can also buy any standard MCQ book for NEET that is available in the market.

Q. Should I repeat for NEET?
If you have missed qualification by very few marks then it is better you take another attempt. The fact that you have another year where you don’t have to take board exam and can solely focus on the NEET exam should help you qualify in the next attempt
Q. Is NEET tough for average student?
Any average student with a solid strategy, relentless commitment and smart work can crack NEET exam.
Q. What mistakes should be avoided in NEET?
Focusing only on one subject, Rote learning, Reading unnecessary books, Reading unnecessary books, Disrespecting negative marking, overusing social media
Q. Is it compulsory to attempt all subjects in NEET?
A NEET’s eligibility is considered by the overall score achieved in the exam. Since it is the total score of all subjects, it is not necessary to pass in each subject.